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Tobiason+Rook Builders is a general contracting firm that builds both residential and light commercial projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our company is centered on three principles: collaboration, sustainability, and community.

  • Collaboration: it is our job as builders to accurately convert the architect’s vision into physical reality. This job can only be achieved through close collaboration with the designer, his project consultants and the owner. It is the process of collaboration that we truly enjoy at Tobiason+Rook Builders.
  • Sustainability: our goal with respect to green building is to encourage our clients to consider the use of materials and processes which promote energy efficiency, healthy living, and materials sustainability. We promote the use of the LEED rating system or local programs such as Build It Green to provide guidance as well as objective measurements to verify that the “green goals” set forth by the project team have been achieved.
  • Focus: Our time and effort is focused entirely on our client’s projects. We do not engage in “spec building”, land acquisition or land development projects as we believe they can distract our attention from our client’s project. Our focus is purely on general contracting.