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We believe it is important that the entire design and construction process have continuity. To that end we offer pre-construction, construction, and post-construction services.

  • Pre construction
    Preliminary cost studies – by combining our past experience with current and historical cost data we are able to develop detailed and accurate project estimates from a minimalist set of floor plans and elevations. Material research and application – we conduct thorough research on proposed products. The information is summarized in reports for review by the architect and the owner’s (representative). The research covers subjects such as cost, technical data, application, installation, durability, maintenance, distribution, product alternatives, and lead times.
  • Construction
    Services include: new construction and remodeling of residential and light commercial buildings. We are proficient at managing projects ranging from large custom homes, new commercial structures, and tenant improvements to small maintenance jobs. We do not specialize in any particular type or size of project – we simply enjoy the process of improving existing buildings and building new ones.
  • Post construction
    Maintenance: we provide on-site maintenance services on a monthly, quarterly, annual, or one-time basis. Examples of services include landscape maintenance, exterior lighting maintenance, painting, tree care, gutter cleaning, roof repairs, stone surface cleaning and sealing, etc.